Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thems the kicks

   I do believe that God planned out pregnancy in just the right way. Just about when the excitement of being pregnant is starting to be outweighed by the impatience to have the baby outta there, it becomes exciting in an entirely new and amazing way! While there is no word for those first few flutters, the real excitement is when those kicks and nudges become strong enough that there is no mistaking them.

    For days now, me and Joel have played the game where I poke at the spot a few times after I feel him, and he'll nudge back in about the same spot.We'll do this until he tires himself out and wiggles back into his placenta bed for a nap. (Or, that's what I imagine is going on.) And a few days ago, when Aaron was feeling for another little wave or roll, he got himself a nice big kick to the fingers! (Which he didn't quite as honored about as I thought he should. Joel saved his strongest kick ever for his daddy! But really it just startled him away for awhile. I guess I can see how it would be weird for something to basically assault him from inside of my stomach.)
   Tonight Joel seemed to be having a nice time nudging, bumping. and pushing against my stomach. (I always respond to his movements by putting my hand over him and starting a conversation.). Every few minutes he would bump against my hand and I would tell him I loved him, or talk about our dinner. I could almost swear he was responding to me, the movements right after I'd push a little or talk a bit louder to him seemed a little stronger. Maybe more deliberate. But boy, when his dad put his hand on my stomach and started talking, I found it hard to doubt he was responding! Not that he kicked as enthusiastically as the other day. I could feel him press firmly and deliberately against Aaron's hand, a few seconds later when Aaron spoke up, he did it again. It was amazing. I feel like I get these miracle bonding moments with Joel all the time, and I loved seeing Aaron get to experience the same amazing moment with our baby.

   It is still so hard to really believe and grasp what is going on inside of me, and how much life will change in only a few short months. Every nudge and kick I feel seems to make Joel that much more real to me. With every movement, I can envision him that much easier and feel the bond between us, and the love I feel for him, grow so much more.

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