Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Been too long... again

Will all my posts begin with me saying how long it's been?

Yes-it is STILL a goal of mine to be a regular blogger. And that might happen soon enough as I start settling into a nice routine.

Which is really starting to happen without me even trying. I guess that happens when you have a job.

Not just any job.
Finally I am lucky to have a job that I don't just like sometimes. I have one of those jobs where the best thing about it isn't the paycheck, and when I think about what all I am getting out of it the paycheck is probably 3rd or 4th on the list.

I'm in college with the dream of becoming a vet tech (LVT). And a wonderful friend happened to mention she works at a vet/doggy daycare, and they were looking for some kennel assistants. Was I interested? Hecks yeah!

I started work more than a little nervous. I worked hard on my social anxiety for months the past year, going through intensive therapy and focusing all my energy on getting past it. I came pretty far, I wouldn't even say I suffer from social anxiety any longer and I've graduated to simply being shy and introverted.

But that doesn't make me any less socially awkward. I am years behind in the social category, having missed the important years (preteen, teen, early adult) of learning HOW to interact and build relationships.

And I'm lucky enough that so far it seems that my coworkers haven't written me off because of that. Awkwardness and all, they are all amazing to me. Adding to the list of things I am getting out of this job, right along with training and experience I need for my future career, I am getting confidence every day when it comes to interacting with strangers and acquaintances alike. (Yes-interacting with acquaintances has always been harder for me then strangers.)

And despite my belief that I would miss Joel way too much to ever enjoy working, I actually find us having MORE fun. I am more relaxed during family times, and I can enjoy these moments so much more.

I know it LOOKS like a mess. But that was just how he made his "Bed"