Monday, June 24, 2013

Big brothers, Godfathers, and placentas.

    I love my big brother.

 You can tell, we loved each other from the start

    He is 5 years older than me and lives states away with his own son, and he is an awesome daddy. When I found out I was pregnant I knew instantly I wanted to ask him to be my baby's godfather. Since Aaron doesn't have brothers I was fairly certain he'd be okay with it, and of course he was.

   My brother is pretty awesome. He's a good dad and a good guy. He's responsible and mature, and just a wonderful person to have as a mentor. I'm excited to have him as my sons uncle and godfather.

    On a completely unrelated note, on Friday I got a call from my doctor about my ultrasound results. I had been dreading them calling to say something was wrong, but in the end it is just a relief that they got ahold of me and let me know my new restrictions. It turns out my placenta is over my cervix, and I believe it is low. And the restrictions they put on me (like no lifting over 10 pounds) are pretty important to know, considering the moving and the number of children I'm around often. It breaks my heart I can't pick any of them up anymore, but at least I know to stop looking for a babysitting job. 

   I of course had to google it and find out all the many risks (like bleeding out if I start to dilate and the placenta rips.) and hopefully when I get my checkup ultrasound in a few weeks it will have fixed itself. Until we know I'm taking it easy, which means resting alot more. No more crazy cleaning sprees that last for hours. 

   Things like this are just no good for me. I am a researcher by nature, and the only way to feel comfortable with something is to know everything I can read about it. In this case, that added many more worries than it relieved. I'm not necessarily afraid of having a c-section, but I am terrified of all the complications that can come with surgery and having the placenta rip during labor.

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