Friday, August 30, 2013

Cloth diaper starter stash

Prefolds, covers, and snappis, with 2 newborn Bum Genius all in ones

     I've always known I wanted to use cloth diapers. Long before I got pregnant I stumbled upon cloth diaper websites and was amazed at the different types.
Pockets, which you stuff with absorbent inserts yourself. They are waterproof and great if you want to control how absorbent they are.
All in ones, which are the ENTIRE diaper! Absorbent inside, waterproof cover attached.
Prefolds, which you fold over the baby or use as an insert and couple with a nice cute waterproof cover.
Fitteds, which are a diaper that is ALL absorbent, and are paired with a cover to make them water proof.

    When we found out I was pregnant one of the first decisions made was about diapering. I approached Aaron hesitantly, fully prepared to sway him with information on long term pricing, resell value, health benefits. In the end I needed nothing more than the statement
"Aaron, I want to use cloth diapers."

    That was all it took, and he agreed. At the time I think his reasoning was more based on his trust in me as what he calls a baby expert. (I am, in my own opinion, by no means a baby expert.) The more I've learned about them the more I have exposed him to, slowly to try not to overwhelm him (boy can cloth diapers be overwhelming!)

A green thirsties fitted, two BG all in ones, and a thirsties cover.
Two Lil Joeys, and a Thirsties cover.

      As I've been building my stash my view has shifted a few times. At first I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed, determined to have the PERFECT cloth diaper stash before Joel was born. I was horrified. What if I forgot something? What if I had too few of something? What kind of mom would I be?

    I realize now, after asking many people and reading many blogs about it, that I need not worry. I have been slowly building our diaper stash, but I think I am done buying until Joel is born. We will have a few packs of disposable diapers, just in case I did miss anything. But I feel pretty prepared. And really, if I did forget to get enough of something or forgot something completely, there will be plenty of time to realize this and buy what is needed after Joel is born. And as every baby and family is different, I think what I have bought will be perfect for showing us what works best for him, what we like best, and what we could leave out of our stash completely.

   I have some all in ones (AIO), some fitteds for nighttime use, some covers to put over diapers that aren't already waterproof. And I will of course be reviewing EVERYTHING I use. And just in case any cloth diaper expert stumbles upon this and wants to offer my some advice (or someone just curious, as I am, about what other people use as a starter stash), here is my complete list of my stash!

2 newborn Bum Genius AIOs
5 Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers
21 prefolds in a mixture of brands, all about the size of preemie Bummis prefolds
17 prefolds which are about the size of Grovia bamboo prefolds size 2 or Osocozy prefolds, size 1.
2 large wet bags and 2 smaller, diaper bag sized wetbags for on the go.
 2 Best Bottom covers
1 Thirsties Duo Diaper
A 2 pack of thirsties hemp inserts
6 best bottom stay dry inserts, 3 overnight inserts
2 Lil Joeys
2 Thirsties Fitted diapers

     Many of these diapers fit babies for a large majority of time (some are 8-35 pounds!) The prefolds can even be used as inserts once the baby is too large to have them folded around him. I will probably do many more blog posts about cloth diapers. I am obsessed with them (they are an easy addiction to fall into) and I love talking about them. I made the majority of my stash prefolds and covers because they can be washed by hand.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Growing Joel, Part 2

The last time I posted about growing Joel, I was about 17 weeks along. And boy was I excited about the "HUGE baby bump" I thought I had. Since then 12 weeks have passed and I can now look back at everything before 23 weeks and smile at that tiny stomach I proudly thought was so big back then.

19 weeks

 28 Weeks
      We are already one happy little family. At least, I like to think that Joel is happy in there.
It's hard to me to believe there are only 8-11 of my weekly pictures left before he makes his entrance. I just can't wait to greet my little man in person.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Preparing for the baby

I recently found myself 7 months pregnant.

I'd like to know how the heck this happened? Where was my warning!? I am 28 weeks along, expecting a baby anywhere from 9-12 weeks.
In my apartment.
Depending on me.
Expecting me to know what I'm doing.
And all my years of babysitting and nannying have NOT prepared me for a 24/7 gig.
When do I pack the hospital bag? The diaper bag? Why isn't this common knowledge?!

I thought I was preparing pretty well for the little man. But now I wonder... is it really so important to have his name up? Will he be able to read it?

   Will he appreciate the room buddies I put up around his crib and changing table? I imagine he'll be more at ease with two big octopi watching over him all the time.

   Will he understand the HOURS that went into picking out just the right cloth diapers to go on his cute little tush? (You can't just slap ANY diaper on a tushy as cute as Joel's. He needs the CUTEST ones! More on the choice to cloth diaper later on.)

Please ignore the smiling dog and mess on the floor. Men and their shoes... Sigh.

      I know he'll one day be able to appreciate the second 3d ultrasound we had.

     In his room I have his closet organizer with his clothes hanging in order of size. I have his coming home outfit from Grammy (my mom), his toasting outfit that Aaron bought him, his first night home's pjs from his Grandma (Aaron's mom), and his first "out on the town" outfit from me.
   We have some onsies with short and long sleeves and random outfits and pjs. But the problem lies in me.
    I'm a LIST person. I need a list! Do I have enough footy pjs? How would i know this without marking them off a LIST?!
   Do we have enough hooded baby towels? How would I know!? I DON'T HAVE A LIST!
   Did I get enough crib sheets for his toxin-free, organically grown and made crib and mattress? 

     Being set with my cloth diapers was easy. There are lists all over the internet and many support groups (Yes, Cloth diaper support groups) online to run what I have by, and be told what I need. 
    I wrote down my list and have had a wonderful guideline to stock up on my cloth diaper stash for the first few months of Joel's life. My baby's butt will be fine. 

      But how on earth will I survive as a mom if I don't have enough soft fuzzy blankets for him?