Monday, June 3, 2013

Fur babies

With all the excitement about our upcoming Joel, we've made it a priority to keep our furry family members part of the family. In all the baby talk, baby thoughts, and changes being made, it's easy for an animal to get forgotten. A belly rub or ear scratch pushed off a few times too many, and suddenly a dog had gone all day without a simple gesture saying
"Hey, we still love you."
I think we both realized this pretty quick, when all the talk of the baby was also bringing in all the assumptions that we would of course be getting rid of all our animals, right now.
We had discussed downsizing, finding new kitty homes (for they seemed like they would be the least upset by the change.) but decided to only do it if it was necessary. The thought of giving up any of the pets sucks. They're each a part of the family, and finding new homes would upset us as well as them. (And the thought of them being sad or confused broke both of our hearts). All the suggestions and assumptions that we find them new homes led us to make sure the pets got some extra snuggles (sometimes forced upon them), extra walks and throws of the ball. Extra brushing and cleaning up after.  All when we have the time, of course. Because where we used to have what seemed like countless hours, we now seem to have so few. I've been watching their behavior to see if they're acting off or suspicious yet.

I'm sure the dogs know something is up. Hermione steps a bit more carefully onto my stomach than she used to, and follows me everywhere I go. (I've given up peeing or bathing in private). And Kesha has been a bit distant from me, but still follows me from room to room (usually laying a few feet from me, giving me an accusing stare. She has always been obviously in love with Aaron, sometimes we wonder if she thinks they are somehow together.). I can't wait to see Joel grow up with two crazy dogs to love.
And as for the cats.. well, they're still typical cats, only coming around on their terms and sleeping anywhere they think they can fit. *Often times, they're very wrong.* . I'm not sure they'll notice Joel until he's crawling around, reaching for their tails.

Hermione is never still

Shampoo-stealer of Aaron's chair. (Ignore the paper plate. Hermione likes to play with them like they're frisbees.) 

Okie emptied out a box to lay in it. She still didn't fit.

Kesha the beaty 

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