Thursday, June 13, 2013

Changes to prepare for changes

    After a week or so long hiatus here I am, ready and able to blog again. Things have been quite busy, but are finally,  sort of, settling down.

   We've moved across town to a slighty better neighborhood. The catch is that we have downgraded to a one bedroom from a two, but we'll make it work until we can afford a larger place. (I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to help us do this once I finish my classes and find a vet to work for.)

   And for hardwood floors, I am completely okay with the smaller living space.

    Besides that the only change has been myself and Joel. The boy is growing nicely! I can tell because so is my tummy.

     I've found I'm one of those annoying women who just LOVES being pregnant!! 
     With the exception of the first few weeks, I haven't been getting sick. And the early pregnancy sickness is just a distant memory. I know it can all change at any time- especially when I'm farther along- but I just love how I feel. My aches and pains are easily remedied with a back rub or leg massage from Aaron, or a soak in a warm bath. And I've never been one to complain about taking a much needed nap (which I find myself needing almost every day recently.) 

It's that stomach I tell ya. No matter what is going on, no matter what type of mood swing has grasped onto me, I can't resist my own stomach. Just knowing Joel is in there, and seeing how round it has grown, and being able to poke and rub it any time lifts my spirits. Goodness knows how I'll be when I can finally feel Joel poking back at me.

     I'm sure it won't last. With my growing belly (and honestly, my growing everything else), and doubled appetite, feeling this good is sure to fade away soon enough. I only hope it waits until after my vacation to see my mom in WI.

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