Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day

Yesterday was fathers day. Of course that made me think about my own dad. (Who I'm pretty darn glad to have as a dad.)  This fathers day though, was special for a different reason too. It had another special father on my mind.

   Though a few people don't think it counts, to us, this was Aaron's first fathers day. He is, after all, the father to a child right now.

   He was just as excited and thrilled. the first time I felt Joel move (post about that to come), and the very next day he was there to feel for himself when Joel started moving for us both. He works hard already to make sure we will be able to afford what we need for Joel, and is already talking about a college fund and how to make sure Joel is never without.

    He asks me daily how Joel is doing, makes sure to save the healthiest or yummiest of the foods in the kitchen for me, and says nothing when I plow through dinner and start eating from his plate. And he fully supports (emotionally and financially) the theory I've made him believe. "To grow a baby, you eat a LOT of chocolate."

    He's curious about cloth diapers and has developed a new phrase, "Whatever's best for Joel."

    He was there sweating with me  when we thought the baby was in trouble, and sighs with relief every time we get another confirmation that Joel is doing fine. He wants to be healthy enough to play catch and knows without a doubt that Joel is going to be an amazing person from day one.

    I'd say those are some of the main traits of a dad. He's a pretty good one, and I think that he's only going to get better.

He'll be a pretty cool dad.

   So happy fathers day Aaron! I'm sorry your fathers day eggs kind of fell apart yesterday morning, blame our sticky "non-stick" pans. You'll be awesome, and don't worry about diapers. No dad makes it to the year mark without a stomach of steal when it comes to diaper changing. And for the first 6 months, I promise I'll take the main role when it comes to blowouts.

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