Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mother's Day

   Last month I had my first Mother's Day (post-delivery, that is.) Our "Mother's Day celebration" stretched from Friday through Sunday.

    On Mother's Day itself, we kept it pretty low-key. Aaron took me for an early Chinese  to celebrate. Afterwards we went home and I celebrated Mother's Day doing what I love doing most.

Being Joel's Mom.

   We walked, we swung, we snuggled. Aaron and I watched Joel sleep, changed his diapers and kissed his belly.

   For me Mother's Day was all about celebrating and remembering the most important day in my life, the day I met the little guy who turned me into a mother.


    But like I mentioned, our Mother's Day started on Friday. Aaron took me to pick out my mother's day ring. 

It has a beautiful blue topaz (Joel's birthstone is topaz.) and two admittedly tiny diamonds (Aaron's birthstone.)

  But the ring was only part of it. This ring came with a surprise!

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