Sunday, June 8, 2014

Has it been so long?

Well, to the people who read this blog (I can't believe anyone does. Hi there!) it has been quite awhile.

Life happens and it has been hectic with tons of stuff I'll not put on here. But things seem to be calming down and I am pretty saddened that I lost so much time on here. So many posts I didn't make!

But it is never too late. Right?

This Thursday my little boy turned 7 months old. Which didn't seem like that big of a deal until Aaron said

"This kid has been out of you for 7 months now."

I honestly think my uterus sobbed at that realization. My baby? 7 months? OVER half a year old? LESS THAN half a year to being a year old? How on earth is it possible? I honestly thought (almost worried) that the bond we had, that feeling of closeness only I could have with him while I carried him, was going to fade away. But it has only grown stronger.

My boy is sitting up, crawling, understands the relation between words and events ("Let's go rub lotion on you" can prompt him to rub his face in little circles like I do when applying lotion), and tonight during bathtime another milestone!

Joel has a cute little habit of waving his arms up and down, smacking his legs in the process. During his bath after dinner he did that and made a wonderful discovery when the water splashed up around him and into his face. He looked up at me for a reaction (something I've noticed he does often when he is unsure of a new situation), so I smiled and clapped. Encouraged he did it again, then got both hands into it. Then we kissed goodbye the days when only Joel got wet during bathtime.

When Aaron came in Joel decided to show him his trick, and there was no doubt he was proud to show off to his dad. After every few splashes he looked up at Aaron with the biggest grin, his eyes twinkling, his face saying "Isn't it cool Dad? See what I can do?"
(I have no cute pictures to go along with the story, since I'm not too keen on sharing his bath pics with the world. So here are some unrelated, random cute pictures.)

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