Monday, July 7, 2014

Makin Milk

   One day Joel decided he didn't want to nurse. My perfect natural nurser would flip out, screaming and crying hysterically if he was held in any way that was related to nursing. I kept trying to get him to nurse, and continued to pump milk to give him, and my supply dwindled away. So for many months now, Joel has been a formula fed baby.

    There is nothing wrong with feeding formula. It gives him nutrition he needs and I don't judge any woman who chooses to use it over breast feeding. But it really isn't what feels right for our family. So, 5 months after giving up on trying to keep a supply, I decided to try something even harder than that. I've started on the road to relactation.

    This took days of googling and talking to lactation experts. Last week I rented myself a hospital breast pump, baked some lactation cookies, bought some fenugreek and mothers milk tea and began the journey.

  So far, this isn't easy. Taking 20 minutes every couple hours to pump is rough with an 8 month old demanding my attention. It hurts, it costs a bit *though not as much as formula*, and it is tiring physically, mentally, and emotionally.

   Luckily I have support coming from every direction in every way to help me out. I can only cross my fingers and hope that with enough dedication I will be able to get Joel back to at least mostly breast fed.

   So there is that. Hopefully one day I will be able to make a blog about my success with relactation, and offer advice and support to women who are doing it. :)

(As of now hopes are high. Who knew a few drops of milk would be SO exciting?)

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