Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To catch you up....

     Again, it has been way too long! So much has happened and I, as a failed blogger, haven't written a single post about any of it.

    When I was about 34 weeks along, Joel stopped moving one day. I drank some water and he failed his kick counts (were you count every movement for 2 hours until you reach ten. Something he usually hit in less than 10 minutes.) So, scared and praying, me and Aaron headed to the hospital for me to be hooked up to monitors.

    After scaring us by taking a few extra seconds to find Joel's heartbeat, we learned he had moved to a weird position and was moving just fine, but for some reason I couldn't feel it. His heart rate was steady and they wanted to watch it for awhile just to make sure. While they did, they found a problem on the monitors. My heart rate was HIGH. And it was staying high. They took a urine and blood sample and found things wrong with both, so I was sent home with a nice big jug for a 24 hour urine test.
    For those who have never done this, it is just what it sounds like. For a full 24 hours, every bit of pee had to go into this big jug and kept in my fridge. Fun to do in the middle of the night.

      To spare anyone reading this all the boring details, I was monitored closely (twice a week appointments hooked to machines) for the next few weeks. My blood pressure wasn't getting better and my doctor was hopeful I would go into labor on my own as soon as I hit term. But at 38 weeks my blood pressure spiked a bit more and all my lab results agreed that I was right on the verge of being dangerously pre-eclamptic. (Is that a word? Well, either way, I was developing pre eclampsia.) So my doctor scheduled an induction for the night of November 5th.

    God and Joel had other plans and set out to let us know that no plan of ours means anything to the world. Monday, November 4th, I was shopping with my mom and my water... sprung a leak. I headed to my doctor only to be told my blood pressure was too high, and whether or not I was in labor already, it was time to get that baby out of there. Labor and delivery where an adventure in themselves and really deserve their own post. For now I'll say, the entire thing followed the theme of throwing plans out the window and being completely out of control.

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