Friday, September 20, 2013

A shower and some more 3d

A few weeks ago I had my baby shower. I'm not a baby shower expert, but I thought mine was pretty darn impressive!

My step-mom Lisa threw our baby shower and she went all out.

     I adored it. So much that I brought most of the decorations home to put up. (Sigh. Never happened. :(  Though that welcome banner WILL be put up when Joel is born.)

          So many awesome people came and gave Joel some awesome gifts. I can't wait until he is here to use everything and thank everyone himself.

          But until he is here, I thought I would share some pictures of our 3rd and last 3d ultrasound.
(Yes, we did another one. We couldn't help it! And boy has he filled out since the last one.) This one was done at 32 weeks. We watched Joel chew and suck on his umbilical cord, grab at it and put it in his mouth with his hands (I was impressed!), smile, glare, pout, stick his tongue out, and taste the foods I had eaten before the scan. I think he is pretty darned cute myself.

Smiling big

Angry boy

Yes, that's my son. I can't get enough of him. I imagine he'll look quite a bit like these pictures but I still can't QUITE channel the images into a real baby in my mind.

So now, with the shower and the 3d scan out of the way, all there is left for us to do is wait for our chunky little man to make his appearance.

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