Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm still here!

    I am a bad bad blogger aren't I? I've been missing while also trying to build a readership (not the best way to do that, let me tell you.)

    Well, on Thursday I flew out to WI to visit with my mommy. I haven't seen her in over a year so it was a real treat, and she got to feel her grandson kicking and rolling around. We did the usual WI things- by that I mean a trip to the cheese store (Of course!) and walked around near beautiful Lake Michigan.

   Today we were planning to do another 3d ultrasound. I woke up slightly nauseated and with a weird headache. My mom suddenly got sick this afternoon and now I'm feeling a little woozy, oops! So no ultrasound today, but hopefully next weekend me and Aaron will go have one done. (Trying not to be disappointed by reminding myself that by waiting another week, he'll be another week cuter!)

   I fly back home tomorrow and as much as I hate to go (I will miss my Marmee, and boy is Wisconsin beautiful!), I feel a bit of relief. I have never been a good traveler. Just one night away and I am homesick and DYING to be in my own bed and surrounded by my pets.
   To top it off, Aaron has been working a few hours outside of town for the past week, and I haven't seen but a few hours of him since last weekend. Tuesday will be a nice few hour reunion to tide me over until he is home, but not seeing him before I came here just makes me that much more homesick.

I'd love to write more but I am starting to feel dizzy and icky as I sit here so I am off to bed. I pray I'll wake up feeling better in the morning before my flight back to NV. My biggest fear is getting the flu while pregnant- sounds like very little fun.

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