Friday, May 31, 2013

Sitting at the dentist

When I was about 7 weeks along I was having a horrible time. I couldn't sleep no matter how tired I felt, and I was having weird audio hallucinations. I honestly thought I was losing my mind. I was terrified.
Lots of research on the matter found a few other women out in cyber-land who experienced the hallucinations during early pregnancy, but the very few in all of my searching brought almost no comfort. I convinced myself I was truly losing my mind and I had no idea if it would last after birth.
Finally after a particularly scary moment I went to the er, sure something horrible was happening. I brought along the medicine I had been prescribed when I found out I was pregnant, vitamins, anti nausea pills, extra vitamin b, and antibiotics. They were all deemed not possibly the problem within seconds and I ended up sitting there being questioned about illegal drugs and what I was on until Aaron and I just left.

I felt even worse and even more alone. It couldn't have been made clearer that the hospital thought I was on drugs, and no amount of explaining the issue and the fear was going to change the condescending tone I was being given, or the obvious attitude of "damn junkies."
They were so sure that a simple drug test wasn't even offered, which made my blood boil. A simple blood test would prove I was telling the truth and possibly find something wrong. After hearing more about my pupil size being what they needed to know I was on drugs, offended and defeated, I went home.
After more research and reading about the many possible effects of drastically changing hormones, my dad asked what all I was taking. I told him and he instantly responded, stop taking the anti nausea pills.

So I did. And coincidentally, I finally had a good night's sleep and had no more issues with audio hallucinations.

I still wonder just what was going on. Was the lack of sleep or the hormones causing me to hear people that weren't there? Was it the pills keeping me up for so long? I've read too much vitamin b gives you energy, I wonder if that could have a part in it.

I still wonder about it sometimes but thank God it isn't a worry of mine anymore.

I don't know why this is what I am thinking of while I wait for a dentist to see me for a wonderfully angry and infected broken tooth. (Ouch). But to me it seems like something worth remembering about the first weeks of pregnancy.

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