Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Subchorionic hemorrhage

   Even though this pregnancy was a surprise, I found myself instantly happy- totally in love with the little stranger who was taking up residence in my tummy and making me throw up more than is humanly possible, determined to protect, grow, and bring little dude into the world in the best way I possibly could.

  For some reason that also created a deep, strong fear in me. So deep that I found myself checking the toilet paper every one of the hundreds of trips a day to pee, praying for no red or pink tint.

  So during week 8, when I checked to find the paper had gone from white to bright red, I panicked. My hysterics almost panicked Aaron, (known for keeping his cool in dire situations while I panic.) And landed us in the er until about 3 in the morning. And after urine tests, blood tests, and being hooked to my first iv ever, and getting my first ultrasound (the fear overrode the awkwardness of early pregnancy ultrasounds.) I was told I have a subchorionic hemorrhage.

That sounds horrible. That sounds like the must fatal diagnosis I could have gotten. No, not break through bleeding. A subchorionic hemorrhage.

Worse was what followed. There is nothing we can do other than not irritate the uterus and hemorrhage.
(personally I think if i have a hemorrhage in my uterus, its already irritated.)

The only good news, most fix themselves. So I've been thinking baby thoughts, going through a check list to make sure I still have my pregnancy symptoms every few hours, and counting down the days to April 11, when I see my doctor and hopefully see a healthy growing baby in my belly, without that annoying, unwelcome, hemorrhage of a roommate.

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