Friday, March 29, 2013

The start

I guess I should start at about 4 and a half Weeks ago, when I realized that a record of my thoughts and feelings might someday be something nice for me to have.
After a nice many days, filled with vomiting and learning just how little mood swings are exaggerated on TV, my doctor have me the news that I was 4 (almost 5) Weeks pregnant.

Now 9 Weeks along, 2 scary hospital trips in (I'm sure I'll get to those later) and as much of a worrier as I've always been, I'm now a self titled Vet tech student, pet Mommy, girlfriend, and Mommy to be. (oh, and job seeker.) Add amiture blog attempter simply because lately I've found the days blurry and my memory fuzzy, and heck. I'd like to be able to read back about my feelings during my pregnancy even though my mind seems very serious about refusing to allow me to even remember what I bought from the store ten minutes ago. (and don't bother asking where I just set my keys.)
Maybe I'll get the hang of this blogging thing. For now its as awkward and foreign as my new little tenant, and the new every 30 minute pee schedule my body's switched to.

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